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Nyctalus Bowdich, 1825
Nyctalus Bowdich, 1825; Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo: 36, TS: Nyctalus verrucosus
Noctulinia; (in part)

Nyctalus aviator Thomas, 1911
Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu), Korea, E.China. See [About maps] Nyctalus aviator Thomas, 1911; Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (8) 8: 380, TL: Japan, Honshu, Tokyo

Nyctalus lasiopterus (Schreber, 1780)
Spain, France, Switzerland, Caucasus, Asia Minor, Iran, Ust-urt Plateau. See [About maps] Jättiläislepakko
Vespertilio lasiopterus Schreber, 1780; in Zimmermann, Geogr. Gesch. Mensch. Vierf. Thiere, 2: 412, TL: N. Italy?

Nyctalus leisleri (Kuhl, 1818)
SEU, CEU, W.Europe - Urals, Caucasus, Britain, Ireland, Madeira, Azores, W.Himalayas, E.Afghanistan. See [About maps] Metsälepakko Lesser Noctule
Vespertilio leisleri Kuhl, 1818; Ann. Wetterau Ges. Naturk. 4 (1): 46, TL: Hanau, Hessen-Nassau, Germany
leisleri verrucosus Bowdich, 1825; (Maideira)
leisleri azoreum (Thomas, 1901)

Nyctalus montanus (Barrett-Hamilton, 1906)
N.India. See [About maps] montanus (Barrett-Hamilton, 1906); Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7) 17: 99, TL: India, Uttar Pradesh, Dehra Dun, Mussooree

fiNyctalus noctula (Schreber, 1774)
EU - Urals, Caucasus, Morocco, Asia Minor - Palestine, Turkestan - Himalayas, China, Taiwan, Japan. See [About maps] Isolepakko Noctule
Vespertilio noctula Schreber, 1774; Die Saugethiere, 1: 166, TL: France
magnus; (England)
princeps; (Voronezh, Russia)
Nyctalus noctula lebanoticus Harrison, 1962; Proc. zool. Soc. Lond. 139: 337-339, TL: Natural Bridge, Faraya, Lebanon
noctula meklenburzevi Kuzyakin, 1934; (E. Turkestan)
noctula labiatus (Hodgson, 1835); (Himalayas), TL: Nepal
noctula plancei (Gerbe, 1880); (China), TL: Peking
?velutinus Fukien
Nyctalus furvus Imaizumi & Yoshiyuki, 1968; Bull. natn. Sci. Mus. Tokyo 11: 127-134, TL: Kado (300m), Iwaizumi-Machi, Shimohei-Gun, Iwate Pref., NE. Honshu, Japan

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Some related literature:
Imaizumi & Yoshiyuki, 1968
A new species of insectivorus bat of the genus Nyctalus from Japan Bull. natn. Sci. Mus. Tokyo 11: 127-134

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