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Lissodelphis Gloger, 1841
Lissodelphis Gloger, 1841; Hand. Hilfsb. Nat.: 169, TS: Delphinus peronii Lacépède

Lissodelphis borealis (Peale, 1848)
Cold temperate to subarctic waters of North Pacific Delphinapterus borealis Peale, 1848; Mammalia and Ornithology, in U.S. Expl. Exped., 8: 35, TL: North Pacific Ocean, W of Astoria (46°6'50''N., 134°5'W)

Lissodelphis peronii (Lacepede, 1804)
Temperate waters of Southern Hemisphere Delphinus peronii Lacepede, 1804; Hist. Nat. Cetacees.: 43, TL: Indian Ocean, about 44°S, 141°E (S of Tasmania)

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Some related literature:
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