Arhopala Boisduval, 1832 Oakblues

[sp-1v.jpg] 788x749 (~203Kb) underside Thailand, Phuket, a forest brook valley near Ban Sakhu, 16th February 2009, Photo © Oleg Kosterin [sp-2v.jpg] 1067x1107 (~191Kb) underside Cambodia, Koh Kong Province, at Thma Bang Waterfall, 24th May 2013, Photo © Oleg Kosterin [sp-3v.jpg] 1013x1032 (~159Kb) underside Cambodia, Kampongsaom Province, Ream National Park recreation centre, 20 April 2010, Photo © Oleg Kosterin
[sp-4v.jpg] 676x776 (~120Kb) underside Cambodia, Koh Kong Province, Tatai village, 'Oculata brook' at Phum Doung bridge, 25th May 2013, Photo © Oleg Kosterin

The exact identification of these species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.


The grouping of the first part follows [BMP].

The centaurus species-group
The agesias species-group
The ijanensis species-group
The anthelus species-group
The anthelus species-subgroup
The achelous species-subgroup
The camdeo species-group
The camdeo species-subgroup
The ? species-subgroup
The myrzala species-subgroup
The bazaloides species-subgroup
The hypomuta species-group
The aedias species-group
The epimuta species-group
The agesilaus species-group
The oenea species-group
The amphimuta species-group
The amphimuta species-subgroup
The kurzi species-subgroup
The muta species-subgroup
The perimuta species-subgroup
The inornata species-group
The democritus species-group
The agrata species-group
The ace species-subgroup
The agrata species-subgroup
The cleander species-group
The alea species-subgroup
The cleander species-subgroup
The agaba species-subgroup
The vihara species-group
The rama species-group
The agelastus species-group
The alesia species-subgroup
The agelastus species-subgroup
The epimete species-subgroup
The eumolphus species-group
The corinda species-group
The aurea species-group
The ganesa species-group
The fulla species-group
The abseus species-group

This section contains the taxons from [BOR], which were not mentioned in [BMP].


This section contains the taxons from [BAUR], which do not appear on above groups




Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • amesia (Hewitson)

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