Cortinarius Seitikit Spindlingar Spindelskivlingar

[sp-1.jpg] 900x664 (~102Kb) FINLAND: Ab: Suomusjärvi, 669:31, 21.9.1997, Photo © Markku Savela [sp-2.jpg] 800x572 (~126Kb) Russia, Moscow area, 14.8.2008, Photo © D. Smirnov

The exact identification of these species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

Subgenus Myxacium Limaseitikit
The triviales species-group
The elatiores species-group
The delibuti species-group
The ochroleuci species-group
Subgenus Phlegmacium Tahmaseitikit
The elastici species-group
The claricolores species-group
The triumphantes species-group
The percomes species-group
The variicolores species-group
Subgenus Bulbopodium
The leucophylli species-group
The virentophylli species-group
The xanthophylli species-group
The cyanophylli species-group
Subgenus Sericeocybe Silkkiseitikit
Subgenus Telamonia Huopaseitikit
The firmiores species-group
The armillati species-group
The tenuinores species-group
Subgenus Cortinarius Violettiseitikit
Subgenus Leprocybe Myrkkyseitikit
Subgenus Dermocybe Veriseitikit
The sanguinei species-group
The cinnamomei species-group
The ? species-group

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