OpenAFS Client

SL_afs_no_dynroot - This removes the -dynroot option from the openafs config

License: GPL
Vendor: Scientific Linux
This package removes the -dynroot option from the openafs configuration.
Restarting of afs is needed for this to take effect.  This rpm does not
restart afs.
They -dynroot option does not load the cell root into /afs, but only
goes to the roots dynamically.  Because of this anything that is in the
cell root base will not show up.  An example of this is that fermilab's
cell has a link in it's cell root.  This link will never show up
because the the root is never actually loaded.  These links can be added
by using CellAlias if dynroot is wanted.


SL_afs_no_dynroot-2.0-3.noarch [3 KiB] Changelog by Troy Dawson ( 2.0-3 (2005-03-20):
- Change the Group and Vendor to be Scientific Linux

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