AS1741 peering policy 20040406, 20040415, 20040506, 20040507, 20040512


AS1741(Funet) is maintained by CSC-Scientific Computing Ltd, a not-for-profit company owned by Finnish Ministry of Education. Funet is the Finnish University and Research Network, a service provided by CSC for the Finnish research and academic community (customer organizations).

International IP transit for Funet is provided by and via Nordunet (AS2603), operated by Nordunet A/S. Nordunet's connection policy defines the guidelines which are similar to those of this document.

Peering policy for AS1741

The peering policy of AS1741 is to peer with other networks whenever it is of interest for Funet customer organizations and CSC. The purpose of peering is to improve connectivity as well as to optimize the use of common infrastructures.

Peering is based on an agreement between CSC and the other network.

To make these rules more concrete, the following guidelines will be followed:

Technical implementation

The following principles are followed in peering: