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Left: Elliptical halo by Arto Oksanen in Jyväskylä
Middle: Mother-of-pearl clouds by Markku Ruonala in Kemi
Right: Missile lauch exhaust clouds by Veikko Mäkelä in Helsinki

Mailing list for meteorological optics

METEOPTIC is a mailing for amateurs and scientists interested in atmospheric optical phenomena. Atmospheric optics is a fascinating topic. Almost everyone know rainbow, but there are tens or hundreds of beautiful and interesting phenomena available to look, observe and study. There are still lots of to learn about our environment.

METEOPTIC is the common forum for both scientists and hobbyists to discuss about atmospheric beauty and mysteries. You have not be a specialist to be a member of our mailing list.

In the mailing list there possible to ask questions, tell about own observations, answer to questions, refer literature, give tips for searching further information etc.

Latest update: 18 Dec 1999

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How to subscribe or unsubscribe METEOPTIC?


You can subscribe METEOPTIC mailing list by sending mail to listserver address: listserv@listserv.funet.fi and putting into the message part a text line:

   subscribe meteoptic Firstname Lastname

Subscriptions will be confirmed manually, so after a few day you'll get the confirmation mail of your subscription.


If you want to stop your subscription, send the message to above mentioned address and add one text line into your message:

   unsubscribe meteoptic
Further information from METEOPTIC administrator meteoptic-owner@listserv.funet.fi.

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